Max Wellington’s Unofficial Guide To Celebrity- PDF Ebook 2.99 USD


When mega-hot movie star Max Wellington suffers acute memory loss after a freak accident, it’s up to his number one fan to help him reclaim his old life… that is, if he wants it.



After a freak accident in a bar fight, Max Wellington wakes up disoriented, wandering the city streets, unable to recall who he is or even his own name. He gets into a series of comical encounters with strangers, who oddly enough, seem to know him. Startled by this, he shuns them…until he seeks out the help of a beautiful stranger named Lisa. She, being his ultimate fan, recognizes him in an instant and through her, is shocked to discover that not only may he be suffering from some form of memory loss, but that he is also a famed, Hollywood bad boy actor. After she learns of his condition, she slowly helps guide him back on track (and hopefully this time, on the right path), but only one thing stands in his way…his reality TV star ex-fiancée who wants back into his life at all costs! Now, with the help of Lisa and his overworked publicist Marvin, he’ll have to save his career, his sanity and of course…get the (right) girl!

What if you woke up and didn’t know who you were, but every total stranger around you did? For one well-known man… he’s about to find out.

He’ll have to forget everything he’s got, to remember all that he has.

In Hollywood, everyone has to start somewhere. For mega-star Max Wellington, he’s starting over.

He’s playing his biggest role yet… himself.

He hasn’t forgotten his lines… he’s forgotten his life.

Get ready to party like a rock star… or a movie star, with Max Wellington.

A romantic comedy that lightheartedly pokes fun at the genre.

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*Some mature themes, references and mild coarse language. Parental guidance suggested.

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